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Finding the Top Classic Car Auto Insurance Company

If you have a collector car then it is bets to purchase insurance from a classic car insurance company. Classic cars are a specific type of cars that tend to be at least 15 years old and have a value attached to them. Classic automobiles are special cars that as long as they are kept in good condition will increase in value as they age. Typically they are already very expensive when originally purchased as new or they may be a limited number of those models manufactured.

Each state has their own regulations that must be met to be considered a classic car. The vast majority of these guidelines and regulations are similar but there are a few unique ones found among different states. Additionally collectible car clubs may have even more regulations to meet as clubs may be looking for specific types of classic cars.

Insurance is important because collectible cars can be treated as an investment that will gain value over time. The most valuable classic cars are the ones that have the original paint job, no rust and are in excellent condition with very low mileage. Typically insurance rates are determined based on the mileage on the car and its condition.

Insurance quotes can be obtained by filling out information online via a classic car insurance company site. Almost all car insurance companies will offer classic car auto insurance as well as some specialized insurers. You have many different options that can be included in your classic car insurance package that includes emergency towing, reimbursement of personal effects, car show expenses, lockout, lost keys, and roadside assistance to name but a few.

Theft is a large issue with collector vehicles and you should have a strong theft policy as having your collector car stolen can be a huge loss in assets. For well insured cars many time the insurance company will offer a reward for the recovery of the car. Many times it is less expensive for the insurance company to pay a reward for the recovery of the car rather then pay out the actual value of the stolen classic car.

Insurance rates for collectible cars can be separated out based on mileage. Many antique cars will have quite low mileage as the collectible car is usually not a persons main form of transportation but taken out for special occasions. There is a greater danger of damaging the collectible car if it is driven frequently and this will depreciate the value of the car.

It is also possible to get specific classic car auto insurance just to cover the cost of repairs and other associated costs. This is many times based on the current value of the car and the availability of parts and a skilled mechanic that can fix your collector car. As with insuring other cars your driving history will also be factored into the insurance.

After you have received a basic quote from your classic car insurance company or companies you will need to get a more detailed one that is customized for your classic car. You should be able to customize the insurance package any way you like and if you need help you should be able to receive it from the insurance company or an outside company such as the state auto insurance.

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Choosing a Body Shop for Classic Car Restoration or Repainting of an Older Car

In the market for a classic car restoration? When you have a car that is considered a classic, you may want to take it to a body shop to have it professionally restored. The process involves more than just a new paint job, and implies that it is being put back in its authentic condition, just as it was when it was new on the showroom floor. Not all body shops are equipped to handle a true restoration.

What is Classic Car Restoration?

A classic car is defined by the Classic Car Club of America as a vehicle between 30 and 49 years, while one between 50 and 99 years is considered a pre-antique and cars 100 years and older, an antique. Not all older cars meet the definition of "classic car." The crucial thing with classics is that they represented "fine or unusual motorcars" distinguished by "fine design, high engineering standards, and superior workmanship." Often costly at the time, they often have other distinguishing characteristics, based on their engine displacement, custom coach work, and luxury accessories. Other car organizations have different criteria, while some states consider it a classic after 20 or 25 years for licensing purposes.

Is Restoration Really what you Want or Need?

Restoration means that the body shop might need to tear the car apart to examine the condition of the components and either refurbish it with original parts or find reproduction parts and install them in an authentic way. If the car is updated or re-created to look like a fancy limited edition model, the work is not considered a restoration. Typically, the reason that people undertake a restoration is to create something of value for sale or to enter in car show.

Not every car is a good subject for restoration. The fact is, many old cars are just that - old cars. You may want to refurbish one and have it repainted for your son, but the car might not be considered a classic. When you are looking for a shop to work on an old car, you must be clear in your goals in order to select the right shop. Anytime your pay money to have work done, you want the shop to do an excellent job for you. However, your standards for repainting an older car that you love are different than if you have a car that meets the definition of classic and that you intend to use as a classic car. Having a 1947 Chevy is not the same as having a 1947 Cadillac 90 series.

Can your Body Shop Handle Classic Restoration?

Many body shops boast that they do custom work on classic cars. If you have a car that is a true classic, your standards should be higher to make sure that you have a finished product that is show worthy or able to command a higher price. You need to ask some questions of the shop. Specifically, you need to know:

    What do they consider a classic car?
    What have they restored?
    What assurance do they offer that the parts they use are genuine?

If you have found a good shop with a track record of making older cars serviceable and attractive, you may have a great place to take your older car that you will love, but unless the shop has had experience restoring your Alfa Romeo or your 335 BMW, you might need to find a shop that specializes in the type of classic car restoration you need.

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How Do We Stop Our Classic Car Hobby Dying Off?

Long term this classic car industry of ours is in danger of dying out for a number of reasons. Firstly the youth of today don't generally think of cars from the 1950s, 60s and 70s as classics. They just think of them as old cars, much as I thought of pre-war cars as I was growing up. My own personal definition of a 'classic car' is the ones that were around when you were growing up and aspired to drive and own. Growing up in the 1960s and starting to drive in the 1970s that puts 60s and 70s cars squarely in my sights. Anyone growing up in the 1980s and 1990s will have a different mind-set.

Many classic car clubs are suffering from falling numbers as their membership is literally dying off and youngsters aren't joining to fill the gaps. A few clubs are working to try and reverse the pattern. The TR Register (of which I am a member) have a 'Yoof Group' and at the NEC Classic Motor Show in November 2014 I was pleased to see the 'Young Members Register of the Morris Minor Owners Club'.

Fortunately Morris Minors, some Triumphs: Spitfires and TR7, and classic Minis are still relatively cheap in classic car terms and make good starter classics. Once hooked, hopefully the owners will graduate to more expensive Triumphs and other more expensive marques. That is assuming they can get insurance as insurers are very biased again drivers from 17 to 25 (particularly male ones) as they are responsible for a disproportionate number of road accidents. According to an AA report in England 37% of drivers have had a crash by the age of 23!

I can't see the Jaguar Drivers' Club or Aston Martin Owners Club ever having a youth section for a number of reasons: mainly old age and prejudice of existing members but also the escalating costs of Jaguars and Astons and the insurance issue.

We do our bit to spread the word about classic cars and about 10% of our hire customers are doing a 'Try Before You Buy' - making sure the car of their choice lives up to their dreams - before going out to buy one. At the 2014 Classic Motor Show at the NEC we had 4 people come up to us on our stand and talk about the cars they had bought after hiring out one of our cars as a test. However even we can't fix the insurance issue as our own insurers have set a lower age limit of 25 for all our customers.

Assuming the clubs can can crack the 'Yoof' problem and encourage more people into our hobby this still leaves us with another problem which if we don't crack soon, will leave us with a huge problem in years to come.

If you want someone to programme your home video or smart TV, you'll probably ask your kids to do it. If you want your website updated, or lessons on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you head to the spotty youth or the 20-something guru. If you want your classic car fixing, you look for a silver haired mechanic who can tell what is wrong with your engine by listening to it and can balance twin or triple carbs by ear. Sadly by the nature of life itself these silver haired mechanics are literally dying off with very little sign of school leavers coming into the industry to learn their skills and replace them.

Youngsters don't see manufacturing or servicing cars as cool jobs and most of them don't have the patience to watch an entire TV programme without looking at Facebook on their iPhones, let alone complete a 2 or 3 year apprenticeship in an industry they perceive as dirty and underpaid.

However we do now have some heavyweights looking at fixing this problem (in the UK at least). The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC), which represents most UK clubs, has put together an approved apprenticeship training programme in Historic Vehicle Restoration. The FBHVC believe there is a need to train 1,000 people over the next five years. There are two fairly local (30 miles way) organisations involved in this which should help - Bicester College and Bicester Heritage. I think it is Bicester Heritage that have the vision and drive to make some of this happen.

Anyone owning classic cars in the UK knows that the classic car movement owes a lot to Hitler, or rather to the RAF in their fight to defeat Hitler. Silverstone was a WWII airfield and its runways and perimeter road provided the ideal infra-structure to start racing after the war. The same goes for many other circuits around the country like Castle Coombe and Goodwood. Bicester used to have an RAF base, whose origins date back to 1916 and the fledgling Royal Flying Corps which morphed into the RAF in 1918. This grew extensively in the 1930s and was used as a bomber base in WWII. The base is now surplus to the RAF's requirements and came onto the market for re-development. While part of the site is being used for housing, many of the 1930s buildings are 'listed' and not allowed to be demolished.

With incredible foresight a group of people have bought the 348 acre site, complete with runways and buildings. Their plan is to develop it as a centre for the maintenance and restoration of classic aeroplanes, motorbikes and classic cars. This is a non-trivial task as first they had to restore many of the buildings to a state where they could be used, but keeping the 1930s 'listed' fabric and style of the buildings intact. The authenticity of the buildings can be attested to by their use in the film 'The Imitation Game' starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing.

Bicester Heritage already houses the following:

    Bicester Gliding Centre
    A shot blasting company - BMP Blasters - who can strip anything from the hangar doors to a Bugatti chassis.
    A classic car storage company - Historit - occupying 50,000 square feet of a bomber hangar.
    Kingsbury Racing Shop which specialises in racing and restoring four and a half litre Bentleys.
    A young vehicle upholsterer who runs a 1910 Overland veteran car and is so well known that he doesn't need to advertise and has a waiting list of customers.
    Robert Glover - selling pre-war cars and cars from the 1940s to 1960s.

As more buildings are re-furbished throughout 2015/16 more companies will join these at Bicester Heritage with 12 more tenants due before the end of the first quarter.

I think a combination of Bicester Heritage providing a base for a cluster of companies in our industry, together with Bicester College and the apprenticeship programme from the FBHVC, are a beacon for the classic car industry. While I can't see 1,000 apprentices coming over the horizon, I can see a reasonable number of people learning new skills, working in a unique environment, earning a good living for the future from classic car owners with enough disposable income to make it all worthwhile.

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How to Get Cheap Antique and Classic Car Insurance

When it comes to vehicles, classic cars are absolutely at the top of the pyramid, with their amazing features setting them far apart from the rest of the crowd. Unfortunately, as is typical for anything that attracts attention, classic cars tend to attract a decent share of thieves and vandals. Additionally, because classic cars are rare and tend to be expensive, many large "major player" insurance companies and agents will not even offer insurance for them. But just because it can be mildly difficult to find the right kind of insurance for your classic car, that does not mean that you can simply drive around without any insurance. Many states require that your vehicle be insured, and you can face serious fines if you are caught driving without adequate insurance coverage.

Finding the right kind of insurance for your classic car is going to take a little bit of time, and a lot of research. Even more research will be involved if you are set out to find the cheapest available antique and classic car insurance available. There are car insurance companies out there which specialize in insurance options for antique and classic cars. Additionally, there are large automobile insurance companies which offer specialized insurance including antique and classic car insurance, but you will have to do a decent bit of searching in order to find them. A good place to start is with insurance companies like Hagerty, Leland west and Norwich Union which all specialize in antique and classic car insurance. It is important that you weigh a lot of different options, because the costs associated with antique and classic car insurance can vary wildly depending on which automobile insurance provider you go with. It is also important that you determine what each insurance company will value your classic car at, in order to make sure that you are going to be insured for the full value of your car. Traditional car insurance values the car at the cost to replace it, minus any depreciation that it has experienced. This is what sets antique and classic car insurance apart from traditional car insurance. With antique and classic car insurance, the value of your vehicle is typically an agreement made between you and the insurance provider. This way, you will not lose a serious investment in the event that your vehicle is ever totaled in an accident, or stolen and never recovered.

The absolute best option for you to pursue when it comes to automobile insurance for your classic car is called an agreed value policy. Before this type of policy is purchased, you are required to sit down with an agent with the insurance company in order to come to a concrete agreement for the value of your vehicle. If your vehicle is ever totaled or lost, this is the amount that will be paid by the insurance company. This is also the point where you will receive a quote for the monthly payment. Another thing that sets antique and classic car insurance apart from traditional car insurance is the fact that antique and classic car insurance premiums are typically significantly smaller than what you will pay for traditional car insurance. However, not just anyone can acquire antique and classic car insurance, so before applying you should make sure you qualify for all of the following criteria:

o Many antique and classic car insurance policies require that you meet a specific age limit. This is to insure that the driver(s) on the policy have adequate driving experience and are not in jeopardy of causing an accident. This makes it difficult for young and new drivers to acquire automobile insurance, even if they are driving an antique or classic vehicle.

o Many antique and classic car insurance policies have also imposed a minimum age limit for your vehicle, in order to determine whether or not it can be considered an antique car. The typical limit is fifteen years old, so if your vehicle is less than fifteen years old you may have difficulty securing antique car insurance for it.

o In order to qualify for classic car insurance, there are certain limits on how your classic car can be used. For example, you must have a garage or some other form of protective storage to park the vehicle in. Additionally, you cannot use your classic car for any business purposes. Finally, there is a limit on the number of miles that you can put on your vehicle every month or year. If you go over the mileage limit you can but your vehicle in danger of losing its protective insurance. Because of the imposed mileage limit, you must also be able to prove that you have another vehicle which is used for normal driving.

Antique and classic car insurance is by far the best option if the vehicle that you are driving can be considered a collectible. This form of insurance is designed to protect cars that appreciate in value over time rather than depreciating. Most insurance companies will allow you to insure your classic car traditionally if you cannot find adequate antique car insurance, but you should expect to pay more in monthly premiums, and to receive significantly less in a pay out settlement if your vehicle is ever totaled. What this means is that if you are driving an antique or classic car, and specialized insurance is available to you on a local level, you should absolutely take the offer in order to protect your vehicle inexpensively without losing out on the serious investment that went into your prized possession.

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Classic Cars - Elegant, Stylish, And Oh So Sweet

Classic cars are one of the most collected and coveted items in the market today. And they should be: vintage automobiles are not only great pieces of art; they could also be fully functional. Road-driven classic vehicles may even be more scene-stealing than brand-spanking-new sports cars. If you have already seen a fully restored and shiny Shelby GT-350H or a 60's Thunderbird on the road, you probably know what I'm talking about.

What is a Classic, Anyway?

The definition of what is a classic car is often contested. The Classic Car Club of America indicates that the last year for the 'authentic' classics is 1948. Still, other experts maintain that the term classic is applicable to all cars that are 12-years old or older.

Some would even create a classification. A popular one is as follows: 'antique' for automobiles manufactured from the very beginning of car production up to 1916; 'vintage' for vehicles manufactured from 1916 to 1924; and 'classic' for those made in 1924 up to the not-so-far past.

I would not take a stand as to what the proper definition of a classic car is. Let's leave that to car philosophers and historians (or for a more proper term, car geeks). There are many more exciting aspects about collecting classic cars that you should know.

Classic Cars Define Generations and Genres

If you are a fan of James Bond films, you might have been awed by the luxurious and sexy cars that Mr. Double-Oh-Seven has driven. From sleek Alfa Romeos to classy Aston Martins, the spy we all loved wouldn't be what he was without these cars.

And if you have eagerly followed Mr. Bond's pursuits, you can see that the cars he used are those that defined a certain era. You can see him use big cars with round edges during the 60's, long, pointed-edged cars during the 70's, and of course, macho black sports cars during our present day.

What made those cars cool wasn't because they are simply made 'cool.' It is because they carry with them great stories and pieces of history. That is also the reason why it is thrilling and fulfilling to own a classic car. And the feeling of fulfillment multiplies tenfold if you collect these cars. Wouldn't it be sweet to ride in wheels that a popular spy once drove?

Owning a Classic is No Picnic

But before you head off and click your fingers away to the first site that offers classic cars for sale, be sure to know that with a great car comes great responsibility. Almost all of these classic cars are already used (and sometimes abused). It would be almost impossible to find one in a perfectly mint condition. What you will probably see are second-hand (and possibly even third- or fourth-hand) vehicles that may need a lot of work.

Keep in mind that owning or collecting classic cars does not stop at buying them. It is a must to invest some time and money in restoring a car back to its vintage beauty. Otherwise, it will just be another piece of junk lying in your garage.

Thus, you need to be prepared to submit that vehicle to a paint job, a car parts installation (seats, carpets, steering wheel, suspension...), and if you want to drive around, a good engine. And it won't stop there: classic cars need a lot of loving and care. You need to maintain its elegance by cleaning, waxing, and polishing it regularly.

It might be a little bit troublesome, but the rewards are great. Aside from having one great scene-stealer, a well-maintained classic car increases its value as time goes by. So once you are tired of riding that vintage Benz, you can sell it and gain profit. You won't have a hard time looking for buyers too, since there are tons of car collectors looking for a great deal.

There's a Classic Car Lover in All of Us

If you are a car lover, a sentimental generation and genre fan, or simply one who would like a cool ride, buying classic cars is your best choice. Not only do you get a moving, breathing, and funky piece of art, you also get a really valuable property. Buying, restoring, and maintaining a vintage car may be a daunting task, but it sure is worth it.

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How to Find the Best Auto Insurance For a Classic Car - Tips For Finding Cheap Antique Car Insurance

How can one find the best auto insurance for a classic car? Is it even possible to find cheap antique car insurance? Classics cars can be well worth the sometimes pricey cost of upkeep and storage - there is no need to have to pay more for insurance coverage than necessary. Read on to learn some of the things that you should know before you purchase a classic car auto insurance policy.

Who hasn't turned their head while driving down the road to get a better look at a classic or collectible car? We're enamored with the lines of the car as well as its pristine condition. But the detailed attention in maintaining a classic car's flawless appearance and operation is not only to draw admiring looks, it is also necessary in order to keep up the market value of the car. For this reason, along with others, specialized classic auto insurance policies were developed to meet the needs of classic and collectible car owners.

Another reason (a very important reason), for insuring your vehicle as a classic or collectible is the greatly reduced cost of classic car insurance relative to standard auto insurance. Standard auto insurance can cost as much as 200%-300% more than classic auto insurance. So, what is the biggest factor that causes such a great disparity in price between classic auto insurance and standard car insurance? Generally, collector vehicles are driven on a limited basis (the garage is where they are usually found). As a result, the risk of accident and loss to collector vehicles is considerably lower than the risk involved in vehicles that are regularly driven.


The following is a list of classifications for collectible cars.

Antique cars - 25 years or older
Custom cars - 1949 to present
Classic cars - 20-24 years old
Collectible cars - 15-19 years old
Exotic cars - less than 15
Street rods - Pre-1949

This is the standard listing for those cars that are considered eligible for classic car auto insurance, but certain cars may be accepted at the discretion of the insurer. Sometimes, classic car insurers will customize an insurance policy for a particular vehicle.


To keep collector auto insurance rates low, certain usage limitations are placed on the insured vehicle.

Cannot be used for everyday use. This rules out using it to drive to work, run errands, or go out for that bite to eat. Under a classic car insurance policy, car usage should be limited to driving to and from car shows and the occasional parade.

Cannot be driven more than 2,500 miles per year. 2,500 is a fairly standard number among insurance companies that offer classic coverage, but there are some insurance companies that have mileage plans that allow up to 5,000 or 6,000 miles per year. This increased mileage limit was put in place to accommodate those drivers who like to take their cars to distant car shows. Of course the premiums are greater.

Must be kept in a locked garage. A locked enclosed trailer will also do, but a carport will not meet the grade even if you live in a gated community with a security guard. (The weather is also an enemy of the classic car). Some policies might stipulate that a car cannot be left unattended in a parking lot. This means leaving your car in a motel or hotel parking lot might present a problem.


Does the company offer Agreed Value Coverage or Stated Value Coverage?

Agreed value lets the classic car owner and the insurance agent set a value for the auto that does not necessarily reflect the market value for that car. Usually, the insurance agent will have to do a thorough inspection of the car both inside and out and will require photos of the vehicle.

What are the usage and mileage restrictions?

Find the policy that best suits your plans for using the car. Why pay for a plan that covers mileage for 5,000 when you know that you won't even come close to using the 2,000 miles available in a cheaper policy.

Can you choose your own repair shop?

The Mom and Pop shop down the road might do a good job on your regular car and offer the lowest repair bid in town, but do you really want them working on your classic "baby"?

What company underwrites the policy and what is the rating for that company?

You want to be sure that the underwriter has a good track record and is going to be able to fulfill all of their obligations even if for some reason there is a larger than normal influx of insurance claims.

Are there any discount programs available?

A good insurance company should always inform you of any discounts that are available to you, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Does your insurance offer insurance for classic or modified cars that are under construction?

Some companies will monitor the progress that is being made on your vehicle while it is in the garage for repairs and modifications and allow you to adjust the value of the car as the project continues. Also, this type of insurance covers damages to your auto in case of a catastrophic occurrence such as a fire, or the hydraulic lift fails, or the tool cart falls on your car (with a little imagination the possibilities are endless.)


You can, but it could be a costly mistake. If repairs are needed you may be forced to accept the lowest repair bid, or if the car is badly damaged, the insurance company could opt to have it totaled. And although a discount is usually given for cars combined under one policy, that discount still may not provide the savings available if the car was insured under a classic auto insurance policy.

Finally, make sure your insurance company has a good understanding of classic cars. In the event that your car is totaled, you want to be able to work with a knowledgeable representative and receive the full value for your car.

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